Success Stories


The Morgan Adams Foundation raises money and awareness on behalf of children with cancer. Working with leading physicians, we use donations to directly fund pediatric cancer research and therapies which will improve survival rates and reduce the devastating side-effects of cancer treatments.

The following are just a few of our success stories:

Funding from the Morgan Adams Foundation has made a huge impact in the development of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplant.


Funding from the Morgan Adams Foundation has been critical in developing the research that led to the cure of Brystal, a metastatic PNET patient, who is now a thriving young adult. Brystal recently graduated from college and is a long term survivor after stem cell transplant. During her treatment she was told by neuropsychology that she would be unable to succeed in college due to memory dis..
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Erica and Whitney

Erica (age 20) and Whitney (age 16) are two charming young women each of whom have been diagnosed with high risk medulloblastoma. Again, the gene- chipping and FISH technologies were used to aid the diagnosis of their cancers and it was determined that they needed treatment options beyond the “standard protocol.” They were both given chemotherapy in additional to their radiation ..
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The gene-chipping technique was used in the treatment of Melanie, a PNET patient. The gene chip showed no high risk behavior and she therefore went on to a standard therapy program. She is now 5 ½ years off therapy and thriving with 2 children, has graduated college, works full time; and her job even gave her a life insurance policy!..
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Nick (age 14) is a very smart young man recently diagnosed with medulloblastoma with equivocal pathology. The doctors and nurses were unable to discern between large cell (high risk) or not large cell (average risk). Using the gene chip technology, doctors were able to determine that additional treatment therapies would be called for to treat his cancer. Nick received chemotherapy concurrently..
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Funding from the Morgan Adams Foundation has increased researchers’ access to both genetic microchip and FISH technology, giving them an increased understanding of the composition of the cancers involved, they can better determine at diagnosis if a patient is at high or low risk. Tayler was a healthy, typical 4 year old when she suddenly began having seizures. She was admitted to the hos..
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