Projects Funded


From February 2001 to December 2017, The Morgan Adams Foundation has funded $4,500,000 in research funds for pilot, seed and translational studies.


Children's Hospital Colorado


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - New York, NY

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

MD Anderson - Houston TX

Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, MD

Children's Mercy Hospital - Kansas City, KS

Alberta Children's Hospital - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Hospital for Sick Kids (Sick Kids) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Chipping “in the round”: Extension of tumor characterization to include mutation and epigenetic profiling as well as mRNA expression (classical "chipping")
    PIs: Nicholas Foreman, Andrew Donson, Rajeev Vibhakar          
  • RNASeq Transition: Creation of a pediatric brain tumor RNAseq reference database 
    PIs: Andrew Donson, Nick Foreman, Rajeev Vibhakar
  • Developing CAR T-Cell therapy for Pediatric Brain Tumors
    PIs: Nick Foreman & Anandani Nellan
  • Cancer Stem Cell Influences in the Setting of BRAF Mutations
    PI: Jean Mulcahy-Levy
  • Transcriptome Analysis of Recurrent Pediatric High Grade Gliomas
    PI: Adam Green
  • Pre-Clinical Trial of Anti-Inflammatory Monoclonal Antibodies in a Mouse Model of Adamantinomatous Craniopharyngioma
    PIs: Todd Hankinson & JP Martinez-Barbera 
  • Establishing a new genome-editing technology called CRISPR-Cas9 as a means to generate pediatric brain tumor models carrying deletion or insertion of genes in a highly efficient manner.  
    PIs: Sujatha Venkataraman & Rajeev Vibhakar
  • Investigating whether PTC-209, a small-molecule inhibitor of BMI-1, can potentiate DIPG cell killing by radiation: in-vitro and in-vivo study
    PIs: Sujatha Venkataraman & Rajeev Vibhakar
  • In Vivo Animal Model to Invesitigate Nanoparticle-Mediated Brain Drug Delivery
    PIs: Rajeev Vibhakar & Krishna Madavan 


*For a historical list of all projects funded, please contact Robin.