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Newsletter Fall 2017

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

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Calling All Volunteers

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Artma 2012-028

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your spring/summer? Do you want to work with a group of people who will make you want to throw your hands up in the air with excitement? We are looking for volunteers to fill the below event related positions. Please forward and those interested should contact Liz Vehlow.  


Mela for Miracles

Mela for Miracles is a celebration of the miracles, hope, and healing for kid’s with pediatric cancer research.  Kuhu Basak, a Colorado Springs resident, is a sixteen year old brain tumor survivor who wants to help other children with cancer and organized the Mela for Miracles to do so.

June 21, 2014 - Colorado Springs, CO 



  • Restaurant Recruitment Committee Members – Work collaboratively with committee to solicit participation from local restaurant to provide tastes to paid event guests.  Coordinate day of event participation and needs.

  • Entertainment Recruitment Committee Members - Work collaboratively with committee to solicit participation from talent to provide entertainment and education to paid event guests.  Coordinate day of event participation, schedule and needs with entertainment participants.

  • Sponsorship/Vendor Participation Committee – Work in collaboration with MAF staff to secure sponsorship donations to the event as well as identify and commit local business to participate in the vendor village.

  • Logistics Committee – Work with MAF staff to organize and manage day of event details involving people, facilities, and supplies.
  • Day of Event Set Up/Tear Down Support– shifts from 7AM – 10PM


Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance

The Morgan Adams Concours d'Elegance is an exclusive, exhilarating aircraft, automobile and motorcycle preview with silent and live travel-related auction components. The event brings together a collection that spans all collectible eras, representing an incredible array from the earliest significant air/auto/moto to breathtaking modern jets and super cars. 

August 23, 2014 - Centennial Airport, Centennial, CO  


  • Restaurant Recruitment Committee Members – Work collaboratively with committee to solicit participation from new local Denver restaurant to provide tastes to event guests.  Coordinate day of event participation and needs.

  • Auction Committee Members – Work in collaboration and under the direction of Auction Chairs to solicit live and silent auction donations for the main event fundraiser.

  • Logistics Committee Chairperson - Work with MAF staff to organize and manage day of event details involving people, facilities, and supplies.
  • Volunteer Committee Member – Work with the Volunteer Committee to recruit, organize, and manage event volunteers.
  • Day of Event Set Up/Tear Down Support– shifts August 22, 10AM – 8PM and August 23, 9AM – 12AM

Newsletter - Summer 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
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Employee and Intern Spotlight

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Amy Sarrazin (left), a Colorado native, comes to us from a long history of corporate relationship building. Forging partnerships and relationships on which to build solid foundations is what makes her thrive. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and is currently earning her paralegal degree. She is very excited to make the jump from corporate world to the intimate nature of The Morgan Adams Foundation.

Liz Vehlow (right), Our new Events Manager, Liz Vehlow, has focused her career on nonprofit event management, development and outreach. She attended Xavier University in Cincinnati and graduated with a degree in organizational communications. Liz has since worked as an event coordinator at the American Cancer Society in her hometown of Chicago, and in Colorado at the Crested Butte Land Trust. She has volunteered with a number of nonprofit organizations since high school, collaborating on a wide array of events. Liz recently moved to Denver and is enjoying exploring all that the Mile High City has to offer.



Shane Fisher (left), a student at Loyola Marymount, helps with errands, events and organizational tasks. As a kindergarten classmate of Morgan’s, Shane says, "I know the effect cancer can have on a family and I wanted to contribute in any way that I can."

Morgan Douglas (middle), a student at CSU, eagerly assists our Events Manager. According to Morgan, "The Foundation is an amazing cause, I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to give back to the kids and their families affected by cancer."

Cody DuFresne (right), has a B.A. in business administration from DU, is helping plan, recruit and prepare for the Morgan Adams Concours. "Everyday I work with talented and truly selfless individuals who strive to improve the quality of life for struggling children," says Cody.  

A'Very' Special Life Inspires Our Newest Ambassadors

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Avery Dudasch is one of the reasons we are all here at The Morgan Adams Foundation. You’ll start to see her featured on the memorial posters at our events, where we hope you will meet her inspiring parents. After their 11-year-old daughter Avery passed away a year ago, her parents, John and Vicki Dudasch, became passionately involved with MAF. Last August, the couple discovered MAF at the Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance. They were so overwhelmed and impressed by the event, the cause and the Foundation, that they knew they wanted to help. John is now on the Board of Directors, focusing on operational and organizational planning, while Vicki assists with the Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance auction.

Unfortunately, the story behind the Dudasch family’s introduction to MAF is all too familiar. Avery was a happy and passionate 10-year-old girl who loved every moment of riding her new pony. According to Vicki, her life stopped on a dime on Aug. 2, 2011. In her words:

After a few bouts of what we thought was a recurring stomach bug, we found ourselves sitting in the ER, trying to understand how our sweet girl could have a brain tumor. Within hours of that first MRI, we were rushed to Children’s Hospital and admitted into the Pediatric Oncology program. Over the following two weeks Avery had a brain biopsy, a port inserted into her chest, and started 10 months of therapy to destroy the Diffuse High Grade Glioma growing in her brain. Diffuse High Grade Gliomas are evil and deadly and almost impossible to kill. While the doctors treated her cancer, Avery’s pony, Gracefully Dun, treated the one thing no one else could touch or truly understand—her soul. She rode Grace during her entire treatment; it made her feel alive, normal and FEARLESS. Although Avery’s cancer was aggressive, her scans consistently showed she was beating it. She relapsed on May 8, 2012, just three weeks before her last treatment. On June 27, 2012 heaven got another angel and we will forever live without half of our heart. Avery’s short life was full of grace, and it truly was A‘very’ special life.

Join Us on May 2nd to Honor Noel and Tammy Cunningham

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please join us on May 2nd to honor Noel and Tammy Cunningham at the
1st Annual Irish Network Colorado's Ambassador's Gala.

Tickets are $75 per person/$145 per couple.

The Morgan Adams Foundation is honored to have been selected by Tammy Cunningham and the Irish Network as the charity beneficiary for this event. 

For more information and to register for this event, visit


To learn more about why the Cunninghams mean so much to MAF, please read the following article from our Winter 2011-2012 Newsletter.


by Joan Slaughter and Steven Adams

As so many of you know, our daughter, Morgan, "presented" her brain tumor emergently in the wee hours of a snowy night in December 1997 when she was 5 years old. And you all obviously know that her battle against brain cancer and the lack of kid-oriented cancer treatments is what led us to want to help fund more research for pediatric cancer. And many of you also probably know more about that journey than I might think - because we share it with you all so often.

But do you know about a quiet little love affair that was struck later that month between a 5-year-old girl and a local chef?

When Morgan woke from her surgery, she had a lot of collateral damage - and not the least of the troubles we battled that month was not being able to get her to eat. At the time, our girlfriend and then neighbor, Dawnie, was working at Strings Restaurant on 17th Avenue. One night she told Noel Cunningham, the owner, about Morgan and her struggles.

"You find out what that kid's favorite food is!" he said to her. Then, he insisted on cooking up a batch of something and having Dawnie bring it to us at the hospital. It was awkward for us - we didn't know him and it felt so crazy that a total stranger wanted to help. We told her not to worry him about it. But night after night Dawnie called, saying, "Listen, Joan, he's driving me crazy. He said to tell you he can only do two things: He can pray and he can cook. And he's already praying, so why won't you let him cook?" How do you argue with that? We finally said OK, and Dawnie arrived 10 minutes later with fettucine alfredo and chocolate mousse from the restaurant...and Morgan ate the entire thing! Her first solid meal, and it was from Strings.

When Morgan was well enough to leave the hospital, she just wanted to stop in and say thank you to Noel - and from that day forward, a crazy little love affair started. After every single treatment, we went to Strings for lunch where Morgan had her own special table. No matter what happened, we went and had lunch. And crème brûlée. That Morgan made. With a blowtorch. At 5 years old. Because he LET her. And because he told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was his kitchen and there really wasn't anything that I could do about it. He was letting my kid (blind in her right eye since the surgery, no less) wield a flame thrower. Nice.

After Morgan died, and Steven said he wanted to do a fundraising event, we went to Noel and asked him for his help. We had no idea what we needed to do - how to get food, how to get enough booze, how much we might need. Noel just said he was in. He'd do ALL the food and all the booze and he would make the magic happen. Because he had fallen in love with Morgan, and he wanted to see something good come out of the sadness.

I remember sitting in the restaurant telling him I thought it was crazy - and him telling me that we would MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

And it did. Our hallmark fundraising event artma was born. And magic happened. Because it was sprinkled with a huge helping of Irish Fairy Dust in the form of Noel Cunningham. My friend Kelly reminded me the other day of his character: "I can remember him at that first artma, pushing a trash can around and cleaning up himself." Because that was what he did. And because he loved my kid - and because he loved all kids. And because he gave and he gave.

His spirit lives on in The Morgan Adams Foundation. We can continue our work because of all the people who believe in what we do and because of all the goodness this community chooses to invest back into itself. Noel believed. He shared. And he gave.

I know there are thousands of people who have similar stories to tell, who will immediately produce for you a "Noelism" when you mention his name. Who will immediately share with you the way in which he touched their life or the life of someone they know. Stop and listen - he was a wonder and the stories are fabulous. He gave us his strength and his passion. He loved our daughter. Noel was our friend for many, many years and we will miss him madly.